Level One, who’s already a leader in the Lagree FItness Method training, has incorporated another innovative tool and method to help you in your fitness journey. Just as the Lagree Method uses a high intensity/low impact approach to workouts, the Heroboard workout also utilizes high intensity/low impact training on a portable piece of equipment. At the heart of this groundbreaking regimen is the Heroboard itself.

What is this revolutionary equipment, you ask? The Heroboard is a small, compact “pocket” reformer. This revolutionary, lightweight and portable piece of equipment weighs a mere 10 pounds. Its dimensions —19 inches in length, 13 inches in width, and 6 inches in height—belies its power. The Heroboard is crafted with four large, high quality, durable wheels that ensure amazingly smooth movements, with zero hesitation while changing directions, thus making them seem effortless. 

Moreover, the Heroboard is built with a low center of gravity. Doing so ensures stability and prevents this compact device from experiencing any instability while being actively used by a client. Additionally, the Heroboard is ingeniously angled by 3 degrees. This well planned design raises your heel, which in turn eases your form in order to protect and safeguard your knee joints. To top it off, the Heroboard is crafted with a custom-shaped foam exercise pad to provide you maximum comfort during your workout sessions.

Level One has now seamlessly integrated the Heroboard into its offerings, and is now  introducing their exhilarating 45-minute Heroboard workouts. This new type of session allows the certified Heroboard trainers to offer another unique option to incorporate into their fitness routine. Just like traditional Lagree Fitness Method workouts, these 45 minute Heroboard workout sessions are also characterized by high intensity/low impact exercises. They promise to be both challenging and entertaining, all while prioritizing the protection of your joints as you work to achieve your fitness goals. 

Since the Heroboard is so portable and lightweight, Level One has chosen to offer these classes in a variety of settings, whether it be in an outdoor setting of your choosing, or from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, you can also choose to either participate in a group class if you prefer the dynamic of a group setting, or you can choose to take a private one-on-one class if you are more comfortable with the personalized attention that you would receive during private instruction. Private sessions are also ideal for those who are just starting out and want to have a few classes under their belt before joining the group classes. Both options are available to our clients at Level One. 

These new 45 minute Heroboard workout sessions are led by Level One's esteemed trainers, Jürgen and Adela Lampl. They are both advanced Level 2 Certified Lagree Instructors and Professional Health/Fitness Personal Trainers, so you can feel safe knowing that all participants are in expert hands, receiving guidance to ensure safe and effective exercise execution.

Let's now talk about some of the great benefits that a Heroboard workout can offer. One benefit of utilizing a Heroboard during workouts is that it is extremely easy to incorporate and combine these workouts with other types of fitness training. 

Another benefit is the fact that the workout sessions are only 45 minutes long, which means that you´re not spending your entire day training and working out. This allows you plenty of time for the other very important things in your life - even if that includes additional types of fitness training! 

Plus, the ability to choose the environment for your Heroboard workouts provides a benefit, as being able to choose to take an outdoor class, either in a group or privately, can help you mix things up. Changing the environment of your workout sessions will help you keep the lessons fresh and exciting. Keeping this in mind, we don’t want our clients to ever have to worry about the weather, so if it’s raining, we will notify you an hour before if the class needs to be canceled. In the event of a weather cancellation all credits will be refunded.  

Just as the Lagree Fitness Method is safe for all levels of fitness, from those just starting out on their fitness journey, all the way up to the most advanced clients, so are our exclusive Heroboard workouts. Our professional trainers will be there to help you every step of the way, ensuring that you’re doing the exercises both safely and effectively. We provide all of the necessary equipment. All that you will need to bring is a towel and some water to stay hydrated. 

If you're ready to learn more about Level One´s new game changing workout routine utilizing the revolutionary Heroboard, get in touch with us today so that we can answer any questions you may have and schedule you for your first Heroboard class!

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